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Class of substance that induces sleep, blunts the senses and relieves pain but if used excessively may cause coma or convulsions. Narcotics can also become habitual or addicting if not used as advised by a medical doctor. In the U.S., a narcotic drug is simply one that is totally prohibited, or one that is used in violation of governmental regulation, such as heroin or cannabis.  Opiates, Morphine, Codeine and Opioids are considered Narcotics.

Marijuana that is tampered with and has been altered to change its form such as using a grinder, making “pot” brownies, or simply possession of more than 4 oz  results in a felony charge.

Drug Crimes  are offenses related to controlled substances such as producing, selling or manufacturing controlled substances are considered Drug Crimes. Punishments of said crimes are based on the quantity of the drug possessed, its classification, and the purpose of possession.

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