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Uncontested Divorce

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You have probably heard the horror stories about a divorce battle between spouses that lead to very expensive divorces. But there is another side to the story.

How about a divorce that is $1,500.00 or less or involves only one spouse going to court for 15 minutes.

When spouses contemplating divorce are generally concerned about keeping their property and children out of court, saving money and keeping their private lives private, the alternative is an uncontested divorce. Some call it a simple divorce or an agreed divorce, but the idea is simple, the spouses agree to the terms of the final decree.

Generally, the terms include but are not limited to a no-fault divorce specifically accounting for who will get which property, who will take which debt and how taxes will be handled. If there are children, the final order will detail the rights and duties of each parent to the children, the visitation schedule for each parent and the children, child support , Child custody  attorney San Antonio , Child Custody Lawyer San Antonio Child custody attorney San Antonio Child custody fort worth Child custody Lawyer San Antonio and medical insurance.

Certainly, there can be much more in a final decree of divorce than what was just described. The point is that if the terms of the property, debt and child issues are worked out in private then the process could become less expensive, private and less stressful for the children and the spouses or parents. 

At the Mohr Law Firm,  we can help you through the process of divorce. If your case is uncontested, agreed or simple we can help you go through the process by doing the litigation steps of creating the petitions, motions, affidavits, and orders and performing the correct filings with the clerks. While we are doing the litigation steps for you, you and your spouse can concentrate on the issues of property, debt, and children.

Generally, we will quote a flat fee for an uncontested divorce and the fees vary depending on the extra language or extra orders and paperwork for property or extra language for variances in the parent-child relationship part of the order. Typical additional costs items include deeds and deeds of trust on real estate and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders associated with retirement plans. Steve Wilson,is an experienced family lawyer san Antonio and good divorce lawyer.he is very professional and advice helping me decide what to do.he has successfully represented clients in the areas of Child custody,Divorce attorney,Agreed Divorce,No Contest Divorce and uncontested divorce lawyer fort worth San Antonio.

We will only represent one spouse. A potential conflict would arise if the parties do not reach a final agreement.

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